Earl Dorr And The Mojave Desert’s
– – Kokoweef Peak or “Coco-wee-pah?” – –

... IT’S  ‘B.S.  &  BEANS’  B4 THE TRUTH

A “fact based poem” about a legend

by Ralph E. Lewis

Real happiness a’int bought or sold,
But some love the big-money quest,
So Earl P. Dorr, a prospector for gold,
Caught a fever for diggin’ out west.

In 1906, young Earl received,
A secret tale of a cave’s gold glory.
A marvelous quest!  ... or, so he believed,
I’ll go-for-the-gold in that story!

The “River-of-Gold” became a lure,
To “Koko-weef ” - - a limestone peak.
Indians spoke it “Coco-wee-pah” - - before,
Old miners spel’t  it:  COCO - WEEP.

Assumed opinions brew an unfactual fizz,
Only Truth lifts the “free-treasure” haze.
ONE Mtn. Peak is not what “Kokoweef” is,
“Coco-weep” means ANY “wet caves.”

Earl searched for cave trails upon his map,
But, by ‘27 they were hard to follow.
So Earl concocted a “more-money” trap,
“A certain cave” held GOLD in its hollow!

Earl’s ALLEGED cave hid ‘ore-by-the-ton,’
One mile below gray, rocky slopes.
Earl’s explorations with “W. B. Morton,”
Reported More-tons of SURE, hollow hopes!

Earl’s signed Affidavit described the caves,
2,000 feet down....
                              down they went.
They only planned on two days,
In all, four were spent.

They walked along black-sand ledges,
Surveying the vast golden extent.
This was an underground SLOT-canyon!
Along it 8 miles they went.

There’s a stalactite at the canyon pit,
Earl swears it’s “ 1,500 feet long,”
A 3,000-ft waterfall washes over it,
Playing his lovely “stream-of-dreams” song.

Here was Beauty & Wealth beyond measure!
There was Gold! Gold! Gold! All around.
It was “The World’s Largest Treasure,”
FREE ‘Happine$$’ was, finally, FOUND!

There’s the ‘river-of-gold’ at the bottom,
And it rises and falls each day,
Unknown TONS of gold really got ‘em!
Made by John Herman’s SINGLE assay.

From just the gold alone, we’re told,
It’s over 150 BILLION dollars today!
So, “How’s it found to ‘have-and-to-hold’?”
Well, “luck” ain’t the easy way.

Going DOWN wuz “ Easy-as-gettin’-paid,”
But, climbing 2000' UP, Morton nearly died!
So, “Shorty and Slim” were asked for aid,
To haul Morton to Earl’s motor-ride.

Earl got back up but was down on his luck,
When gold secrets dropped like lit rockets.
As Morton was slid inta’ the truck,
Gold slid outta’ his pockets!

Next, “ Shorty & Slim,” got toooo help-full,
Helpin’ Earl made ‘em lucky prospectors!
Their greedy eyes pulled off Earl’s wool,
While Earl drove Morton to doctors.

Damn!  The secret was out !
For Earl, it was “two too late.”
While “Shorty & Slim” were in the caves,
Some say Earl “blasted their gate.”

But Earl already lost the priceless pearl,
‘Cause Stinky Pete held the Cavern’s “Key.”
His mining claim papers prevented Earl,
From claiming the ONLY entry !

Ol’ Pete defended his whiskey distillin’,
Trespassers? ... “ They’ll get bullets or hang! ”
Before laying low from ‘respectable’ killin,’
He ran with Butch Cassidy’s gang !

So Earl had no claims to hold the key,
To Crystal Cave’s only known gate.
He acted bold and quickly,
Before it was THREE too late !

A simple plan he made to keep,
All that RE-found, entrancing treasure.
He made one last descent,
To seal His DORR-way ... FOREVER!

Yes, he blasted with nitro-glycerin.
And it sealed the first way he went.
And all the while he was mutterin,’
One bittersweet lament:
I trekked this desert,
‘Til my bones are old.
I’ll give ‘em free BeanS,
But not MY gold!!!
Earl was feeling a little UN-giving,
And cookin’ BeanS is a blowhard’s ‘fine arts.’
All that gold was for HIS good living,
All others got “Free” but FALSE starts!

Earl blasted & gambled his golden gains,
So no one would easily win.
Next, he filed NEW mining claims,
To bypass Pete’s ‘easy’ way in.

Earl had no more gold from out of the blue,
Only one Assay, his Words & a Pen,
Would he EVER be passin’ men through,
Rocks proving rumors of two dead men?

Can you Hear motives for Silence?
Truth’s not always running with men.
Truth can be like pestilence.
Truth blasts men INTO “the Penn!”

That first cave entry is a mystery,
Leaving folks to wonder or doubt.
Leaving failures from flaws in history,
Leaving BIG thing$ to THINK about.

Now life’s not cheap, easy or quick,
When gold’s not gotten by “walking-in-flat.”
Earl’s story seemed more like a trick,
When the Great Depre$$ion busted him flat!

As Ever, Earl was smart and surprising.
He was a “desert rat” but never a bum.
When he wasn’t mining he kept ... ‘Advertising!’
You can read it for all time to come!

Earl’s 1st Affidavit was typed in 1934 – but,
– Minus some “Shorty & Slim” events.
– Minus manslaughter, murder ‘n more.
– Minus two empty tents!

So, the REAL entrance REMAINS a mystery,
Leaving folks to wonder or doubt.
Leaving failures from flaws in HIS-story,
Leaving BIG issues to NOT think about.

The California Mining Journal, (pg. 37, Nov 1940)
Recorded more clues for you to $ee,
And Earl’s quotes by Howard D. Clark,
Are in Treasure Trails, - - Spring of ‘73.

Argosy magazine Sept. 1967 is getting’ old,
There, Ray Dorr’s 1-day, teen story was told.
Nephew Ray teases gold-grubbers in BOLD :
“ Hollow Mountain -- Filled With GOLD? ”

But, True Treasure, July 1970,
Is the one Private Eyes like the most.
If, Al Masters’ clues are true,
“Crystal Cave” is a STILL-HIDDEN ghost!

‘Cause ‘facts,’ like beans, get foul-smelling!
And gold-fever races get stinkin.’
Greed & fear twist a fact’s True-telling,
Leavin’ gold goose chases NO Critical Thinkin’!

They serve up golden B.S. & guesses,
- - worth less than a counterfeit token,
All cooked up by 3 ‘little-misses’:
Miss-Take, Miss-Place, and Miss-Spoken.

So, today, in searching for the shredded Truth,
From what’s been said and written,
Yuu’d tHinK it’dZ biN dUn TwOO Confuse,
kNOw  2  sTorRiEs  ArE  eExacTly  Fitt in’!

Kokoweef’s gold is “ 7 DECADES late,”
Are “Mr. Morton & Earl’s gold” ... fabrications!?
Herman’s ‘lost assay’ seems to mi$$-calculate,
And unproved ‘facts’ aren’t good explanations.

Well, IF SOME wet-cave hides the mystery,
Souls must RE-search past shadows of doubt.
Facts vs. flaws in lost-mine history,
Show a lot of “GEE-ology” stumbling about.

And today, after blasting Truths away,
Waaaaaay back in 19 and … was it ’27?
People still keep B.S.-ing & hoping to sway,
Their private DORR-way$ to heaven!

Yes, Earl’s legacy leaves many with thirst,
For gold in mountains said to be hollow.
The trail is faint at first,
And, too often, too hard to follow.
Love and legends flow deep inside,
For some, they’re one mile below.
Where does your ‘river’ hide?
What makes your cup overflow?
Find YOUR mountains, but remember to kneel,
When you don’t know just what to think.
Goodness within will guide and reveal.
Don’t gamble on man’s author’d ink !

You may offer a grubstake-for-dreams,
But leave “bean-money” home on the shelf.
THINK  when you’re eaten’ Earl’s “ BeanS.”
Take care, WAIT... then decide for yourself.

Nuggets may sparkle in magic black sand,
But before money is sent to be spent,
This is no prospector’s “flash in the pans,”
It begs for a long Commitment!

Losers go bust and winner’s keep hopin’,
They’ll work ‘til the lies are undone.
Grubstakes, talent & faith keep on gropin’,
‘Til TRUTH makes your BeanS “Yum! Yum!”

And IF folks find beautiful caverns with ore,
Those with cash IN hand won’t be laugh-in.’
It’s folks with grub$takes BEFORE;
Who dream to merrily CA$H–IN !

So, let’s ENJOY this quest,
... And before they get too cold.
Let’s refry Earl’s BeanS ... with Truth,
To find the gold.
                  The Gold,
                          THE GOLD !

Water, hydroelectric, tourism, minerals ...!
Just think of a “Better - than - Best!”
True success could improve the future,
Of the ENTIRE American Southwest!

‘Til then, B.S. keeps smellin’ “not right,”
It wafts from thin air being spinn’d.
Only true trails to Truth ... for Peace, Love & Light,
Keep BeanS from “passing more wind!”

TRUE treasures hold no worry or “spin,”
Life’s treasures are EVERYwhere to discover.
When our Living builds Loving ... WITHIN,
We learn to FORGIVE & LOVE one-another.


Copyright 2009,  R. E. Lewis

* If you would like some helpful web links for
finding “ true trails to Peace, Love & Light ” feel
welcome to email Ralph.