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Years ago, as editor of several Exploration, Inc., newsletters, I included two images I had inherited into the SPRING 2000 Kokoweef investors’ newsletter - - indicated as being my copyrighted images.  Several years later, apparently viewed as some sort of “communal-volunteer property,” the images were transferred, without my permission, under the later “official” Kokoweef website’s “TOUR” button - - and for purposes that I can no longer approve (i.e. raising money based primarily on “emotional promoting”).  My objection is because there is NO CONTEXT included to explain the validity, OR lack thereof, for Dorr’s handwritten indications NOT relating specifically to Kokoweef Peak.  Unlike the time of my first emotionally-driven impressions (Spring 2000), I am also, now, sure Earl Dorr’s indications have little or nothing to do with “things at Kokoweef.”  Oh BUMMER!  ... Truth is what it is.

In the past, as a financially limited, “ self-willing-‘slave’ ” volunteering & living at the Kokoweef millsite for MANY, MANY YEARS, I had not been able to afford doing any far-flung researches into the history of Earl Dorr, his mining claims or the surrounding geology of the regions near Mt. Pass, CA.  That changed considerably after the settlement of Willard Dorr’s estate and enabled me, for four years, to take a GEOLogy class, conduct concentrated, electronic researches at DORR Peak and to travel to various libraries and meet individuals around the West regarding the so-called ‘Kokoweef’ Legend (Nat. Archives, Denver, CO, and Colorado Springs, CO, Nat. Park Service to name a few).  My conclusions about Earl Dorr’s “reliability” regarding the release of information to the public has changed VERY considerably since the newsletter of Spring of 2000.  I hope to include some of this in future (copyrighted) updates on the “original” Kokoweef website.  One salient fact to be aware of is that the owner of the present “Official” Kokoweef website had never offered me an open link for sharing my research results about Earl Dorr, the Mojave Desert’s “Underground River” Legend, or the geology of the immediate areas - - especially those NOT at Kokoweef (Note:  The legend’s geology cannot possibly all fit under only Kokoweef Peak - - even if it’s ever “solved” there - - which I strongly doubt).

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For YEARS I have been previously using the moniker “Truth-seeker,” as it reflects my personal, objective motivations regarding the use and dissemination of information regarding “The Legend.”  And, truth-be-known, I AM a “shareholder- truthseeker.”  The new and MORE ACCURATE information I’ve uncovered about the legend REALLY muddies-up the pleasant, IMAGINARY Crystal Ball views at Kokoweef for quick, easy, simple and cheap interpretations of the so-called ‘Kokoweef’ legend.  As one of the results, I have even been accused by “the guys at camp” of trying to “sink the Corporation” - - this per Larry Hahn.  Nothing can be farther from being the truth (Duh ... “What would I gain?  ZIP!).  Though I no longer relate to the “legend-at-Kokoweef” as though it is the ‘bulls-eye’ for “Earl Dorr’s” ‘original’ entrance ... OR ‘his’ deep destination, I remain committed to FINDING truths, accepting them and incorporating more ACCURATE INFORMATION into our lives whenever it becomes available.  I will not allow myself to suffer any longer under “The illusions of denials & delusions.”

My reason for using the link provided on the “original” Kokoweef website is NOT to indicate favoritism to one side or the other during the current legal wrangling$.  Simply put, back when ya’ll were at least trying to be friends, Larry Hahn had my link on the “original” Kokoweef.com website removed by Richard Dutchik and without asking me.  That’s OK.  It is obvious that Larry does not want me to contribute my research-based discoveries ... and I do not know exactly why.  That’s OK too.  However, when my (still) personal friend, Richard Dutchik, offered me a new link, as an input to communicate ACCURATE information to any curious Kokoweef investors, I finally “caved in” to the idea - - even after KNOWING that some mental-make-ups would probably “demonize” me.  My friend, Richard Dutchik may, or may not, be wrong about things sometimes, as any friend can be in the flow of time.  But, regardless, he remains my friend.  I am left to wonder why the “official” website does not wish to have my fact-oriented inputs on the non-legal matters regarding the legend.  Well, this doesn’t matter in that I will not live my life having others pick and choose my friends because of someone else’s personal or legal disagreements.  Regarding the legal stuff, I just do not KNOW - - the COURTS will decide those matters.

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(I HAVE learned, in working & studying the legend for years, that there’s a BIG difference between Believing vs. Knowing the validity and accuracy of “favorite assumptions.”)  Therefore, I remain focused on finding and COMMUNICATING TRUTHS about information relating to the legend and geology at and away from Kokoweef Peak.  Personally, I do not find the “GEE-ology” emotional-promotion of legends very interesting or productive ... anymore.

Meanwhile ... CORE-drilling for finding the Truth about the sulfide orebodies languishes.

Since I invested over 6 YEARS of my life being the point-man for DOING the field preparations and coordination for over 20 electronic surveys at Kokoweef Peak, I hope the findings are put to the core-drilling test ... $omeday!  Volunteering never built up any retirement for me (Accordingly, I am presently one of the oldest electrical APPRENTICES in San B’dno County).  Anyway, after the legal wrangling comes to their (hopefully) evidence-based, truthful conclusions, I’m hoping the sulfide CORE-drilling will not continue to be “put on the back burner” ... again.  It is ironic that my singularly-originating initiative & personal motive for spending two days flagging 2 miles, for low-frequency surveys by Mr. Hewitt, was to help find a MORE SHALLOW sulfide orebody (NOone in the Corporation was even hinting at doing that before I did it).  That’s HOW the breathing holes came to be discovered and why “breathing hole mania” sidetracked the sulfide drilling ideas ... Again.  Yep, that truth -seeker “can’t-be-trusted-Ralph” musta’ been up to no good ... Again!  LOL !!!

Ralph E. Lewis, V.P.
Crystal Cave Mining Co. ( Lessor @ Kokoweef Peak )


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